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Our Officers


Jenny Sciborski

President, Founder, Chief Range Safety Officer


Jenny has been shooting since 2014, which led her to get involved in shooting sports and defensive training.  She wanted to share her passion of firearms safety and skills with as many other ladies as possible leading her to start the Liberty Belles Women's Gun Club in 2016.  She is an NRA Basic Pistol Certified Instructor and a Chief Range Safety Officer.  She has trained over a hundred students in basic pistol and also trained and certified at least a dozen others as NRA Range Safety Officers.  Her passion for sharing firearm knowledge and safety is contagious. She loves to shoot competitively whenever she can. 

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Tracey Alexander

Vice President, Range Safety Officer


Tracey was introduced to firearms after she was gifted a firearm from her father for self-protection. She wanted to learn to how to safely handle her firearm, which led her to a basic firearms class where she learned about The Liberty Belles Women's Gun Club.  After seeing that safety is always the club's first priority, she knew she wanted to be involved in the club. She quickly stepped up and was voted in as our club Secretary. She then gained her certification as an NRA Range Safety Officer.  Since joining the club, she has held the Secretary position, assisted as need with the Treasurer position and now holds the Vice President position.  


Dixie Spinks

Secretary, Range Safety Officer


Dixie was introduced to the Liberty Belles Women's Club by the owner of a local gun shop who gave her a Liberty Belles business card. She wanted to improve her handgun safety and handling skills so she decided to visit one of the club's meetings and a range day. She joined the club shortly thereafter and started attending the meetings and range day events on a regular basis. Wanting to be more involved she applied to become a Range Safety Officer. She began training with the Liberty Belles range safety officers at the range day events, took classes from Jenny Sciborski, and spent so many hours at the American Shooter's indoor gun range that the owner accused her of being a fanatic. Dixie received her NRA Range Safety Officers Certification in January 2020.


Alyce O'Sullivan

Treasurer, Range Safety Officer


Alyce found our club in the same way that several of the other ladies do, through a local firearms class that was being taught by Jenny Sciborski. Alyce was a very quick study in class and enjoyed shooting from the first time on the range. She is very accurate and is always practicing safe gun handling. She wanted to join The Liberty Belles Women's Gun Club so that she can shoot with other like-minded ladies and to get consistent range time in to hone her skills. After a few months of being with the club, she had the opportunity to get her NRA Range Officer Certification. She then was voted in as a Treasurer of the club which allowed her to be even more involved. She is always a help to all of the ladies at meetings, range days and events.  


Mandee Green

Marketing Chair, Range Safety Officer


Mandee is a perfect example that you don't have to be a member for years to make a difference in our club! She joined us in October 2019 for a meeting and has since been voted in as our newly created position of Marketing Chair. She was also motivated to get certified as an NRA Range Safety Officer. She has been instrumental in expanding the reach of the club in the Kentuckiana area via social media, networking and word of mouth. With her guidance, we have seen a jump in our following on social media and through our community outreach.  Mandee's background in shooting was mostly with long guns. Since joining us, she has quickly stepped up her skill set with hand guns by leaps and bounds. Due to her infectious excitement, our club is gaining new membership and so many more opportunities for our ladies!

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